The age of technology and social media is in full swing and everyone is jumping on board, finding new ways to leverage it for their business or organization. What was once only used for personal use is now being utilized by businesses as a successful marketing tactic that allows them to engage with customers – both current and potential.


Several universities across the country have also jumped on board and have begun using social media platforms to engage with fans at athletic events. Arizona State University (ASU) recently utilized social media at its football season opener versus Sacramento State. ASU utilized hashtags as a way to organize content from Twitter and Instagram to get fans involved. By using the hashtag #FearTheFork and a game specific hashtag, #SACvsASU, many conversations were started at the game, making the opener a trending topic in Phoenix that night.


ASU is not the only school getting involved in the social media frenzy. The University of Virginia also launched a similar social media campaign, using Wahoo Central, it’s official athletic site. Wahoo Central is constantly monitored and posts are carefully selected to be shared. This fall, the University of Virginia will also be creating a wall of 50 LCD monitors to display content from Wahoo Central. We love the University of Virginia’s use of cross promotion and can’t wait to hear about its increase in fan engagement.


Integrating social media into sporting events is allowing universities to get on a more personal level with fans and consumers, building lasting relationships. As big universities such as Arizona State University and the University of Virginia create competition among fans, with the ultimate prize being featured on their school’s website, it is creating a sense of pride and ownership. Both universities anticipate a huge boost in engagement as the season progresses.

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