Customer Experience


Out with the old, in with the new. Understanding what your audience wants, and consistently putting that insight into action will set you apart. What matters to us is bringing good ideas to life in a way that empowers you to go beyond and engage your audiences in new and better ways. Here are some ways we overdeliver!

Interactive Seat Maps

Customers love having the level of detail and control that only Interactive Seat Maps can deliver. Discovering just the right seats should be fun, and buying them all from the comfort of a smartphone, tablet or desktop should be easy. A superior customer experience means customers enjoy a more informed purchase -which in turn reduces refunds and customer complaints.

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PowerWeb Mobile Ticketing

Receiving tickets on your smartphone just got more innovative, with up-to-date weather, maps, parking, special “night-of” offers, promotions, and also sponsorship activation. Customers can even use Passbook and Wallet to buy tickets and make the process faster and easier!

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“Invite-A-Friend” and Social Sharing

Your event-goers can now reserve tickets & send invites to buy via Facebook or email. This unique functionality makes it easy to organize a group event without the hassle of having to pay for everyone’s tickets upfront. 60% of customers who use it say they would use it again –just another way to maximize sales.

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Full Shopping Cart Options

Patrons can buy tickets to any number of your events all at one time. Increase online sales revenue with a ticket shop that offers a rich event catalog like season tickets, subscriptions, combo tickets and services. Allow customers to independently make choices, mix and match and complete transactions, while significantly reducing the workload of your front- and back-office teams.

Upsell Options

Customers want to spend more. Especially if it means having a better experience and creating memorable moments. So, give your event-goers the option to buy CDs, t-shirts, VIP parking, and more –all before they checkout, and while they still have their credit card in their hands.

Credit Card Pre-Fill

Make checking-out effortless for your customers with pre-fill. Even the most spontaneous of ticket purchases are quick and that much more satisfying!

Merchandise Sales

Still wear that concert t-shirt from that show you loved years ago? Yeah, us too! Don’t make your customers wait in those long pesky lines at the event to purchase merchandise. Offering it to them as they add their tickets to the cart ensures they can optimize their time at the event more efficiently.

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Ticket Insurance

We all know life happens sometimes… well ticket insurance covers your customers if something happens the day of the event. They get refunded, and you don’t deal with the repercussions of them having to miss out on all the fun.

Send a Gift Voucher

Buying tickets as gifts can be tough, especially for certain friends and family. Give your customers the option to send gift vouchers straight from the purchase page, that way they can easily enjoy events together!

Loyalty Reward Options

Think of this like a frequent flyer card… the more your customers purchase, the more they’re rewarded.

Resale Marketplace

Need help reselling seats? Our secure platform helps ensure every transaction is 100% authentic and prevent inflated prices. Every customer receives an automatic refund for the face value of tickets sold, and  a new barcode is created for the patron.

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