Dashboard + Reporting


Do you need much better reporting? Now you can have it, get all the data that you need, available to you in real time wherever you are. If you need a report, chances are we have it. But, if we don’t, let us know and we’ll build it. Some popular report include:

  • Daily Snapshot Reports – Emailed directly to your inbox
  • Scanned Ticket Reports – Updated in real time
  • Source Tracking Reports – With custom links you can track your marketing campaigns
  • Promo Code Reports – Track your promo code redemptions
  • Location Data – Learn where your customers are visiting from

Dynamic Dashboard

We can help you manage, analyze and monitor your data, track your audience, balance your marketing, and learn more about your fans. In short, we give you what you need to analyze and engage with all of your buyers.

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Scheduled Reporting

Are you the kind of person that enjoys reading reports over breakfast? Or maybe you only want to receive reports once a month before team meetings. Whatever you prefer, our system makes it happen. Daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, you can decide which reports you want to see, and how often you want to see them.

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Real Time Mobile Friendly

Our reports are simple and we can help you set up access to your internal and external team and export your data whenever you need it, so you can know your business better—no need for a middleman, period.

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Full Sales Channels Integration

No matter the sales channel you choose to use, TicketForce will integrate. You don’t have to worry about contacts not transferring or losing important data, everything will be right where you left it.

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Gain a real-time view of sales performance by products across all channels – your online ticket shop, zip codes, box office, payment methods, third party resellers, mobile app and more. Use your audience insight to fine-tune and improve the online purchasing journey.

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Full Patron Data Collection

Analyze visits using built-in reports. Compare bookings with actual visits, monitor attendance in real-time, and gain insight into visitor behavior and the attractiveness of different venue areas.

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