We don’t give away your most valuable asset; your audience, and we definitely don’t take any audience contact points for granted. We use emerging technology to strengthen every individual’s ticket buying experiences, to build your brand, and maximize your revenue. We have all the features you’ve been asking for, and even the ones you didn’t know you wanted!

Social Media Selling

Sell tickets where your fans spend most of their time, online! During the entire purchase process your customers can share your event on Facebook and Twitter via a status update or tweet. These enhanced sharing options encourage your customers to “spread the word” and automatically place a link to your event’s purchase page right into the hands of friends and family, that way they can share in all of the memories as well.

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Build Your Community

It’s important to us that your customers remain just that – YOURS. You can collect and own all your customer data, which allows you to understand your audience, run one-to-one marketing campaigns at scale, and build customer loyalty. Only you can use these email addresses, keeping the power of your audience in your own pocket.

Brand Control

Brand identity is super important. That’s why we want to make sure your customers are always clear they’re working with you. Customize your ticketing site with your own brand so your audience will associate the excellent ticketing experience with your brand and set you apart from your competitors.

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Campaign Measurement

Ever wonder how well a certain event or campaign was doing but had no way to measure it? Well look no further, our integration with Google Analytics lets you analyze in depth traffic and visitor behavior on your online shop. Now you know what’s working and what’s not, instantly.

Invite-A-Friend and Social Sharing

Your event-goers can now reserve tickets & send invites to buy via Facebook or email. This unique functionality makes it easy to organize a group event without the hassle of having to pay for everyone’s tickets upfront. 60% of customers who use it say they would use it again –just another way to maximize sales.

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Full House Empty Seat Auto-Email

Maximize occupancy and sell orphan seats the easy way! Our platform identifies available seats and auto-emails customers with adjacent seats, welcoming them to invite friends and family to join the experience, with unique a URL securing their seats for a limited time!

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Real Time Dashboard

The mobile friendly dashboard is designed to be your one-stop shop for all of your sales data from all of your channels. By being able to target the right individuals at the right time with the most relevant offers, you’ll be creating more opportunities for your customers to keep coming back to your events!

Audience Tracking 

We’ve made it fast and easy to upgrade your marketing, by helping you understand what your audience wants, cares about and interacts with on your website. Use Google Tags or tracking pixels to find the biggest opportunities for improvement and identifying which pages and at which steps most visitors are interacting with you. Even generate automatic triggers in the system, to target audience groups based on frequency of purchases, number of events, social engagement, and influence.

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Email Marketing

Have total control over the emails your customers receive. Our self-managed email marketing gives you the option to choose from one of our templates, or design one of your own! Use the integrated email campaign software to send post event thank-yous or surveys, or generate an email just for those celebrating birthdays!

Automated Pre & Post-Show Emails

When was the last time you read the fine print? Yeah, us too. So, assume your customers are the same, and be sure to send them the most important information about the event before the show, and thank them for attending the event afterwards while also reminding them to interact with your social channels.

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Use prime ad space on Print@Home or Dynamic Mobile Tickets to offer opportunities to clients and sponsors, or promote venue related events or services, reaching your audience through all the clutter.

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App / Geofencing

Step into their world. When your event-goers visit your area, let them know about specials or incentives to eat, drink, and even find their friends instantly and right on their smartphones. Customers feel special when you welcome and invite them to exciting experiences at your venue –and partners and sponsors love being a part of your community.

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TicketForce Homepage

A fantastic way to keep customers coming back to your events, is by making sure you’re showing them the events in their area and not somewhere far, far away! Our geo targeted homepage will display the events happening in their own backyard, and even link them to Facebook peer reviews! Other extra features include:

  • Video
  • Takeovers, & Super Heroes
  • Full Search

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