On-Site Tech


We’re ready for any events with our top-of-the-line on-site point of sale ticketing system. Our all-in-one integrated ticketing solution, blending onsite and online technology, updates your ability to manage events. Whether you’re seeking a faster sales process, better tracking or increased cash control, our system is right for you.

Scanning Equipment

Got commitment issues? It’s okay, we understand… get our scanners for a little while if that’s your thing! Want a long-term relationship? We can do that too.

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CC Readers/Terminals

Never worry about providing your own credit card readers or terminals, because we will always have those readily available for you to use.

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Thermal Ticket Printers

If needed, our no ink, dependable thermal printers are ready and available for quick and easy ticket printing.

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Real Time AXIS Control Scanning

With our advanced ticketing system, you’ll be able to get real-time access to all of your scanners in one place. You can monitor who is scanning, where they’re scanning, and what they’re scanning all at once.

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Ticketing Stations

Featuring real-time ticket sales and encrypted barcode technology, our plug and play kiosks can be shipped directly to your event. Offering a cost-effective alternative to assisting your box office during its peak times.

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Install & Testing of Hardware & Software

We would never want to leave you high and dry to figure out all of the bells and whistles alone. We’ll come down, set everything up and make sure everything is working, starting from day-one you won’t have to worry about bumps in the road.

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Access Control/Equipment Specialists and Training

Not only do we come out and set everything up, but we’ll also give you and your whole team extensive training from one of our experts, and remove any kinks right from the start.

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