Unlike most ticketing solutions that are not digitally native, we continuously expand and enhance our ticketing platform to support your evolving needs and accompany you in your transition to digital ticketing and audience engagement. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to make you successful online, that our pricing structure includes an optional shared revenue model. Your success is ours too. (SaaS = software as a service)

Cloud Based System

TicketForce offers rich ticketing and CRM functionality as an online service (SaaS), without the need to invest in servers, software installations, or IT resources for maintenance. Any number of your ticketing operators can access the system using a browser, and the online system is automatically upgraded with new software versions.

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Anti-Scalper Measures with Delayed Delivery

Our anti-scalping technology ensures that your tickets are going to real, trusted patrons. After each sale, the system checking inventory to make sure one person isn’t buying more tickets than necessary. If it finds something weird, it’ll flag it and cancel the order that way everyone stays safe, and the people who are actually going to attend the event, can!

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Fully Secure High-Volume Platform

Secured by GeoTrust.  Our infrastructure manages large-scale ticketing operations with peak ticketing demands. Millions of tickets are issued each year with peak loads of well over 1000 tickets per minute. The Australian Open sells, on average, 600,000 – 700,000 tickets over 14 days using our platform.

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Disaster Proof Hosting & Open Source Integration

To deliver the flexibility and safety that are a priority at TicketForce, we use Amazon Web Services. And for ticketing software to be effective it must integrate with existing systems in accounting, CRM, and others. TicketForce is PCI Level 1 Native (WebPOS) and Sales CRM API designed -to easily connect with your existing IT environment, 3rd party software and provide best-in-class functionality.

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