Ticketing + Sales


Helping manage and optimize ticket sales across multiple distribution channels from a single system is what we do best. From bookings to settlements, from online tickets to a call center, from sponsorships to point-of-sale, and even a ticket exchange marketplace, TicketForce synchronizes all your inventory, revenue, reporting and marketing into one seamless platform. We grow with your event, so scaling up is always simple and straightforward.

Complete Event Management

Complete means we really do it all.

TicketForce partners have events that range far and wide, big and small. They love that our team of event builders will quickly create all your events for you, saving time and allowing your box office to do what it does best -selling tickets.  The standard White Labeling reinforces your brand to customers, allowing your customers to feel like they are always working with you and giving them the best customer experience.

  • ADA compliant
  • Rich content event pages
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Revenue generating Banner ad opportunities

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Mobile Management

We know that you’re not tied to your desk, so we built an intuitive mobile app that allows you to quickly and easily generate reports that you can view on-the-go.

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Real Time Inventory

Control your own inventory with ease. Our simple, intuitive interface lets you quickly see how many tickets you have left to sell. With TicketForce, you never need to worry about overselling an event.

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“Full House” Empty Seat Auto-Email

Maximize occupancy and sell orphan seats the easy way! Our platform identifies available seats and auto-emails customers with adjacent seats, welcoming them to invite friends and family to join the experience, with a unique URL securing their seats for a limited time!

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Bundle Pricing

Our ticketing solution features robust options for Season Ticketing and Packages. You can create Full Season Packages or Custom Packages where your customers can choose which specific events they would like to attend.

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Manage your member/subscriber database, allocate seats and special events just for specific lists, all with the ease of your admin portal. Integrates into most CRM systems empowering your Membership department the ability to grow stronger and smarter.

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Fund Management

Take control of the how your revenue flows through your venue/event by knowing more about your customers and giving them the opportunities to engage with you on a whole other level. Design creative packages with different contents, rates, and rules to match the right audience profiles.


With TF’s donation feature, allow your customers to donate money to your cause directly through your online ticket store and through your box office

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Flexible fee structure

Flexible fees allow you to allocate where the fees appear when a customer is making a purchase. Included in the price? Sure. Added at the end? Why not. You are in control.

Dynamic Pricing

On the fly, or plan ahead and program pricing changes to take place for groups, specific dates, and times. You can have the most advanced form of ticket pricing right at your fingertips.

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Custom tickets and printing services

Brand awareness is always a priority. Customize the format of your tickets with your logo and design and we take care of the rest.

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Flexible ticket delivery

Mobile, traditional, batch, and multiple ticket delivery options are all available to you –you decide what you need when you need it.

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